RTCYPP News 8.7.16

The 6 month report of the UN Secretary General is released to members of the UN Security Council.

On the RTCYPP and on the prohibition and restrictions to the right to worship announced by the Turkish Cypriot authorities in May 2016 , the UN Secretary General states the following:

“In May, the Turkish Cypriot authorities proposed policy changes that, if implemented, would lead to a reduction in approvals for religious services in the north of the island. In an effort to ensure continued access to religious sites, my Special Adviser and Special Representative intervened in support of access to all religious sites and a continued increase in the number of religious services being conducted by Greek Cypriots in the north. UNFICYP will continue to monitor this issue closely, and to advocate for freedom of worship for people of all faiths across the island”, the report said.

In his observations, while he commends the ongoing dialogue among the leaders of the religious communities, he urges both sides “[to support that dialogue by ensuring that the trend continues towards full access for worship to the more than 500 churches and other places of worship in the north, and the some 100 mosques in the south.”

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