Our website is currently under reconstruction. We look forward to presenting the activities of the Religious Track for the Cyprus Peace Process in a new look soon.

Background of the RTCYPP :

RTCYPP is a peacebuilding initiative of the religious leaders of Cyprus who are committed to work together for human rights, peace, and reconciliation.

The Office of RTCYPP was established to encourage, facilitate, and serve the religious leaders’ dialogue and efforts for religious freedom and peace in Cyprus and to contribute positively and constructively to the Cyprus peace talks.

Key objectives of the RTCYPP:

Improve Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) as a fundamental freedom and human rights, e.g., free access to all places of worship and cemeteries, by having the religious leaders working together and supporting each other.

Support the religious leaders to contribute constructively to the peace process and reflecting on their role & input for healing of memories, truth and reconciliation.

Peace in My Land

In 2011 Archbishop Chrysostomos II and Mufti Atalay co-host the first ever faith based dialogue encounter for Cypriot youth together with Muslim, Jewish and Christian youth from Palestine and Israel for a one-week residential peacebuilding workshop. This first concrete project with the full cooperation of the two religious leaders of Cyprus was organized and coordinated by the Office of RTCYPP with funding from the Olaf Palme Institute in Sweden, the UNDP/ACT (from USAID funds), the Archbishopric of the Church of Cyprus and the Muftiate of Cyprus.