RTCYPP News 7.6.18

Mufti of Cyprus breaks fast and prays with the Muslim community living in Paphos

On the occasion of Ramadan, Mufti of Cyprus, Dr Talip Atalay and his delegation, together with the Director of the Office of the RTCYPP joined the Muslim community living in Paphos and were warmly welcomed to an Iftar dinner at Aşağı Baf Masjid (Mesjid of Kato Paphos) on 7 June 2018.

The Mufti and the facilitator had the opportunity to meet with the local Imam and community representatives, listen to their concerns and pray with the faithful present. The Imam and community representatives thanked the RTCYPP, the Mufti of Cyprus and the Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus for all their efforts to address and improve the worship rights of the refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in Paphos and together they discussed concrete ways forward.  A representative of the Ministry of Communication and Works in Paphos was also on site to discuss the recent works taking place outside and around the Mosque and its effects on the worship and prayer life of the only open and functioning mosque in Paphos.

The local Muslim community living in Paphos praying at Kato Paphos Mesjid are mainly refugees, migrants and asylum seekers. This is the first time in over 4 decades when the Mufti visits and prays with the Muslim faithful in Paphos during Ramadan. The meeting and visit was highly appreciated by all.

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