RTCYPP News 11.06.2020

As a gesture of goodwill, an expression of respect, Turkish Cypriot Muslims prayed at the Tomb of Apostle Barnabas. This year members of the Church of Cyprus ( Greek Orthodox) were not able to visit Saint Barnabas Monastery to pay their respects at the Tomb of the Apostle and pray at the Main Cathedral odue to the restrictions of movement in place for COVID 19 dividing the island into two parts.

"For us Apostle Barnabas is one of the holiest persons in Cyprus. As a close companion to Jesus he is a considered a very important saint in Islam. We pray for him not only today but always."Shakir Alemdar, Imam of Hala Sultan Tekke and Mufti of Larnaca, who expressed his regrets that Christians were not able to visit and pray at the Tomb of the saint this year.

Background Information:
On 11 June Christianity marks the feast of APOSTLE BARNABAS, venerated as the Patron Saint of Cyprus, founder of the autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus, a prominent Christian disciple, born in Cyprus.
On this occasion, annual prayer services and pilgrimages are held on June 10-11 at the Cathedral and at the Tomb of St Barnabas in Salamis, in the Famagusta region of Cyprus.
The Saint Barnabas Monastery consists of the Cathedral of Saint Barnabas and a small chapel housing the remains of the Saint. As a result of the Religious Track of the Cyprus Peace Process (RTCYPP) under the Auspices of the Embassy of Sweden and their 2014 agreement, for the first time since 1974 permission was secured for monthly worship services at the chapel over the Tomb of St Barnabas and every other month at the Main Cathedral including pilgrimages on June 10 and 11, to celebrate the feast of St Barnabas

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